Where is SockHodler going in the next year?

Here is our goals for the near future and our plan for execution.

Q1 - 2022
SockHodler Base Collection
Create designs for a collection that will be sold indefinitely. Paired NFTs will also be created for this series. These socks will be sold without NFC tags.
Wireframe SOCKVAULT app
Create UIĀ for Authenticate, Dashboard, NFT Staking, Auctions, Marketplace, and Batch Minting Pages
Multiple Airdrops to Liquidity Providers
Our project is new, so we want to invest in the people investing in our vision.
Digital/Physical Giveaways
In Progress
We will conduct several giveaways of Socks from the Base Collection. Additionally, NFTs will be raffled.
Wallet Integration - SOCK VAULT
Add support for myAlgo, Pera Wallet, and AlgoSigner. Add login flow that stores user email for offers.
Expand Community Development
Create programs where active community members are rewarded for their attention.
Q2 - 2022
Expand Key Partnerships
Building and reinforcing key partnerships within the Algorand ecosystem will support both objectives for product offerings as well as marketing opportunities
Initial implementation of NFC Tags
In Progress
An authentication gateway will be created to communicate with the NFC Tagged Socks. Users will be able to connect their wallet and scan their socks to prove digital ownership
Form-based NFT Redemption
Allow users to redeem their SOCK NFT after purchase in the Authentication portal.
Begin Coding $SOCKS Rewards
The $SOCKS Rewards program allows users to earn and redeem $SOCKS Tokens for daily interactions in the SOCKVAULT.
Wireframe payment checkout UI
A custom payment gateway will be created to accept configurable ASA's including $SOCKS Token. Algorand will be accepted.
Front end coding for NFT Staking Program
In Progress
NFT Staking for SockHodler and partner projects will be created as a module in the SOCKVAULT. Users can participate without owning NFT Socks.
Q3 - 2022
Wireframe NFT Auctions & Marketplace
In Progress
After connecting wallet, users are able to create listings for Physical NFT Socks and apparel.
Implement Batch Minting
In Progress
Admin will be able to batch mint NFT assets and send data to IPFS and SmartSeal API.
Implement $SOCKS Rewards
$SOCKS Rewards will be merged into the SOCKVAULT Dashboard Tab.
Full Integration of NFC Tags
In Progress
A Dashboard will serve dynamic daily content to users that have scanned their socks. Scan streak leaderboard and unlockable badges will be available.
Launch SockBot Collection
In Progress
SockBot will be launched as ARC69-Compliant NFTs and the future of the collection will integrate seamlessly with the Physically Backed NFT Socks.
Q4 - 2022
Begin coding payment checkout
Checkout will allow users to purchase multiple items with SOCKS Token or Algo.
Wireframe Build-A-Bot GUI
In Progress
SockBot will be launched as ARC69-Compliant NFTs and the future of the collection will integrate seamlessly with the Physically Backed NFT Socks.
Beta Program for SockVault dApp
Not Started
The SockVault beta program will be open to owners of SockBot and extended features will be available to members of SOCK FORCE ONE.
2023 & Beyond
SockBot V2.0
Physically Backed NFT Socks featuring ARC19 Compliant NFTs that are capable of swapping parts as well as leveling up through daily scans using a smart phone.
Implement NFT Auctions and Marketplace
Users will be able to purchase limited edition Physically Backed NFT Socks as well as Booster Packs for SockBot "Spare Parts" through our auctions and Marketplace.
Launch payment checkout system
Release full-featured cart to the SOCKVAULT as well as a subscription-based system for the premium plan.
Right now
We are a new project with great goals for the space. This roadmap will undoubtedly change as new opportunities arise, but the original vision of the project will be preserved.

Changes made to the Roadmap will be announced on social media, as well as this website blog.

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