Socks Token Rewards

What are Socks Token Rewards?

As our fanbase grows in the Cryptocurrency environment, we would like to take care of our loyal followers.

We will be releasing a rewards program within the coming months where you can earn SOCKS Tokens.

Additionally, you can earn SOCKS Tokens within the Algorand community through our Discord Server, Twitter, Reddit, and partner social channels. We host giveaways and quarterly incentives for liquidity providers on Tinyman DEX.

Holders of specific NFTs will qualify for additional rewards and access to exclusive merch at a discounted rate.

Currently we are still developing our rewards system, and the  our plans for utility are outlined in the LitePaper. We do not/will not sell SOCKS Tokens for Fiat or Crypto.

SOCKS Token on AlgoExplorer:

SOCKS Token on TinyMan:

SOCKS Token on Tinychart:

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