About SockHodler

We sell dye-sublimated crypto socks.  Made by Crypto Enthusiasts, for Crypto Enthusiasts.

What is SockHodler?

SockHODLER is an apparel brand that creates tangible goods with digital ownership representation on the Algorand Blockchain. Additionally, limited runs of sock designs will be paired with NFT Artwork as collectibles.

Additionally, apparel brands currently struggle to maintain their value as counterfeit goods flood the market with little way to verify authenticity.  The blockchain solves this with an auditable public ledger listing out transactions.

Our collectible socks will not only verify ownership but also authenticity recorded on the Algorand Blockchain.

Aside from the general lack of Cryptocurrency-related apparel being sold on the web, many NFT artists produce work that only exists digitally.

We strive to create partnerships with both NFT artists and like-minded projects to bring the blockchain to the physical realm.

What do socks have anything to do with crypto?

Socks are a cost-conscious way to enter the apparel space and broadly eliminates the need for product variants, such as sizes, colors, and general overhead expenses relating to stocking and shipping.

The processes of dye-sublimation and 360 degree printing require very little setup, are fast, and are readily available from many suppliers should the need for scalability arise.

Turnaround times and costs are reduced as a result.

Who can benefit from
crypto apparel?

NFT Artists

NFT Artists in the cryptocurrency space can gain exposure IRL to reach a broader audience outside of the crypto communities.

Up-and-Coming Blockchain Projects

Collaborations with new and existing blockchain projects create engagement with their followers that differentiate itself from the traditional NFT giveaway or marketing effort.

Crypto Enthusiasts

The Crypto audience has an additional avenue in supporting their favorite blockchain or project; by wearing them.  They are rewarded in $SOCKS Tokens (Algorand Blockchain) for their purchase which can be used for product redemption.

How is SockHodler Different than the competition?

Physical paired with Digital

Original collections will remain for sale as a physical good only (with ownership verification through a standard token), but limited run sock designs will be paired with NFT Artworks specific to those designs and sold as a bundle.  Our base collection will feature designs of popular blockchains such as Algorand, Ethereum, Solana, and Bitcoin.

Algorand-Based Rewards System

Earned $SOCKS Token rewards may be used to redeem specific products on the SockHodler website.  

The variety of payments options will be open to governance decision in 2023, but for now, we would like to encourage those that transact with different blockchains to enter the Algorand space.

Limited Edition NFT Staking

(Estimated Late 2022)
Earn $SOCKS Tokens for staking limited edition NFTs as well as partner pool tokens.

Near Field Communication Wearables

(Estimated Q4 2022)
Limited Edition NFTs will be embedded into the socks allowing for proof of authenticity and wallet access by using an RF tagging device linked to the Algorand Blockchain.

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