How it works

The blockchain meets wearable NFTs

You are now able to wear the blockchain and your favorite NFTs. By utilizing NFC tags into our designs, we are able to embed the NFTs directly into the socks.

How do NFC Tags work?

NFC Tags are a contact-less technology that allows for encrypted communication between an NFC-Enabled Device (such as smartphones) and apparel over short distances.

Data is written to the tag and when scanned by a smartphone, it can connect to a crypto wallet, NFTs, or other miscellaneous transactions on the blockchain.  

In order to ensure authenticity and ownership, the blockchain needs to be embedded in the article of clothing that links the physical realm to the digital one.  

In our case, the NFC Tag adheres to the sock and a patch is stitched over it. The tag is water-proof and can sustain typical washing cycles.  When scanned, the digital counterpart (NFT) will be loaded to display ownership and authenticity.

A redemption card is provided with each purchase to support the atomic transfer from one wallet to the users.  With Algorand, the user must opt-in to that specific token first, and documentation will be provided to a smooth user experience.

What is an NFT?

A non-fungible token is a piece of data that is stored on a digital ledger with unique qualities that cannot be interchanged.

For every physical sock that is manufactured, a corresponding digital NFT will be minted on Algorand.

The base collection of socks we offer as well as any limited collections we produce will have non-fungible tokens coupled to them.  

It is best to think of the socks and NFTs as two separate items that come in a pair.  The NFT can be sold, exchanged or lost, but the user would still have ownership until it is transferred to another wallet.  

We encourage collectors to retain ownership of both (socks & NFT) to maximize how much the pair is worth in the future.

Why do I need an NFT for socks?

It's totally up to you. Not only do we want you to wear them, but they should also be considered as collectible apparel to support your favorite artists and projects in the cryptoverse.

With the exception of the base collection, each Sock Drop will feature limited edition socks that won't be sold anywhere else. The accompanying sock NFT verifies that you are indeed the owner, and what you have purchased is an authentic item from SockHodler.

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