Premium Collectible Crypto Socks

Paired with NFTs. Linked to the Algorand blockchain.
How it Works

SockBot NFT Collection

SockBot v1.0

SockBot is a collection of 2,222 3D-rendered NFTs.

Mint your SockBot at
Mint Price - 100A

Check out the SockBot website for more information regarding the future plans, NFT staking & physically-backed nft socks.

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flex your NFT, IRL.

Screw diamond hands. Get some diamond feet. Now that's a turn-on.

The SOCK VAULT web app will be open soon, but feel free to check out our selection of Non-NFT Crypto Socks on our crypto merch store .

Our goal is to collaborate with the world's greatest NFT artists and produce some killer limited-run cryptocurrency socks that look good, feel good, and umm cuz technology is pretty sweet.

Digital, Meet Physical.

SockHodler pairs up premium collectible crypto socks and NFTs on the Algorand Blockchain for the most diamond-handed of Hodlers.

That's right. These bad boys are linked directly to the blockchain ensuring authenticity and ownership.

How can we do that?

Near Field Communication

An NFC tag is adhered to the sock fabric and a patch is stitched over. NFC Tags communicate with any smart device and can transmit NFT information.

Algorand Blockchain

We chose the Algorand blockchain to build on because it is incredibly fast, transactions can be sent for fractions of pennies, and it is built by a reputable group of people led by Silvio Micali.

Algorand - The Future of Finance - Socks
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